5 Hottest Print Design Trends of 2020

What are the top 5 print design trends of 2020?

In this PRO member exclusive series we dive deep into each one of these trends, which will help you take your direct mail, packaging and other projects to heights you’d never thought possible.

Whatever your vision, whatever your budget, you will discover how you can use this year’s hottest printing and finishing developments to bring your creations to vibrant life.

Trend 1: Naked & Exposed

In the last few years we have seen a number of exposed (or naked) spines – books and booklets that proudly show off the thread that holds them together.

This trend is experiencing a new lease on life thanks to 2 unique twists.

Meet the twists, and gain hot insider tips from our good friend Mike Roswell of Roswell Bookbinding.

Trend 2: Vibrant Colors!

While none of us are exactly strangers to the ol’ Pantone swatchdeck, new innovations in digital printing, fluorescent inks and more have given us the tools we need to really make colors pop, and our creations stand out from the crowd.

My thanks to Mitchell Press’ Scott Gray for sharing his wisdom and helping me answer your always- insightful questions.

Trend 3: Shimmer and Foil

I think something truly magical happened during our members-only “Trend 3” session. It wasn’t just that we had the chance to “ooh” and “ahh” over some shimmering creations together as we explored all our options for adding foil to our design work – including the latest digital technology – with special guests Kenny Horsley (Bennett Graphics) and Ben Levitz (Studio On Fire).

What really moved me was seeing the quality and imagination of the questions you all had about this oh-so-hot trend, as well as the passion with which you expressed them.

Trend 4: Tactile Experience!

Special guest Jeff Hernandez (Classic Color) and I got all touchy-feely with a wide range of techniques for giving your design work that all-important tactile quality. From raised UV to special textures, we covered it all, helped in large part by your excellent questions.

Trend 5: Augmented Reality

In this final “Trends” deep dive, MJ Anderson (RealityBlu) and I shared with you powerful techniques for using augmented reality to bring your work to life, particularly in telling your client’s brand story. And of course your questions took us in wild new directions.

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