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| May 24, 2017


Mouthwatering Menus Kit


GPA’s Mouthwatering Menus Kit features five samples that will help you discover new design possibilities. Enter to win one of 100 Mouthwatering Menu Kits from GPA right now! Hurry, contest ends June 8th!

Paper Inspiration

Gift of Water Box

If there’s one thing rarer than great design, it is great design in aid of a good cause. This was the second thing that occurred to me after coming across advertising agency LRXD’s “Gift of Water” New Year’s Box ...

Pro Member Tip

How Monet Changed my View of Gatefolds Forever

My invitation to an exclusive Monet exhibition preview at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco arrived in the mail a few weeks ago. I have to admit I was expecting your average tri-fold invitation.


Praise for the New PaperSpecs Magazine!


We couldn’t be prouder nor more appreciative of the kind words designers have been showering upon PaperSpecs Magazine since its official launch May 3rd. “It is well written, elegantly designed ...


Caught Our Eye

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St. Mayhem Wine

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