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“Simply put, experiencing a beautifully printed piece is an irreplaceable experience. The box itself, and all of its potential goodness, is like a creative’s birthday surprise every time it’s opened up.”

Justin Ahrens, Rule29

Do you feel stifled by small budgets?
Do you wish for ‘better’ clients so you can finally let your creative genius shine?

What if better clients and bigger budgets weren’t the answer?

Stop waiting for
those unicorn projects

Hi, I am Sabine Lenz and like you I was waiting for the perfect budget, the unicorn client.

As a recovering designer
I thought I knew a lot about printing. And while I knew more than most, when I started PaperSpecs, I quickly realized how little I knew.

Listening to well meaning colleagues and printers
I often did not hear about the best options for my projects till it was too late. Till I spent more money than I needed to. Till I missed several – granted crazy but never the less – deadlines.

This is exactly why I started PaperSpecs
… to help designers just like you (and me) create the pieces that WOW even if the budget is tight or the timeline seems impossible.

relish inspiring ideas and
objective resources

My work (and the PRO Membership) is devoted to sharing inspiring ideas, objective resources and hands-on tools that will help you create printed pieces that wow.

Because the world needs your fabulous designs and because you CAN.

  • You CAN bring foil into your design without breaking the bank
  • Yes, raised ink CAN be within budget
  • Embellishments on a super short print run – NO PROBLEM

Don’t wait for the perfect client or the perfect budget to show off your creative best …


create courageous
print designs

Finally… a trusted resource that allows you to ‘breathe easy’, escape the guess work and get clarity on what is right for you and your project.

  • Swatchbooks free from over 50 mills
  • Mill promotions free and hot-off-the-press
  • PRO tips, bite-size insights, cheat sheets
  • Webinars on demand, delivered by industry experts
  • Binding, paper, printing overviews – objective and comprehensive
  • PRO Concierge on standby to answer your paper questions

devour the specially
curated VIP box

We understand the ever lasting need to hold and inspect a piece up close and personal.

To want a wide variety of unique projects from around the globe for further inspiration.

Enjoy all the PRO membership benefits plus a specially curated VIP box chock full of unique paper samples, impossible-to-get print pieces and promotions delivered every quarter.

Don’t miss out on these delicious design ideas!


who already enjoy this extra dose of inspiration with their VIP membership.

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“An amazing collection of delicious design ideas. Anyone who has not yet signed up for the VIP box is truly out of their minds. The VIP membership is rich with unique design ideas and insights.”

Lee gaylord, letterpress usa

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you will receive a specially curated box packed with unique paper samples, impossible-to-get print pieces and promotions delivered right to your door every quarter.

Oh yessss…
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Enjoy all the PRO membership benefits PLUS this specially curated VIP box delivered every quarter.

Don’t miss out on these delicious design ideas!

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