The Reincarnation of Reincarnation

New Leaf Paper

New Leaf Reincarnation has been widely recognized as one of the most environmentally responsible coated papers made in North America since its launch in 1998.

In 2012, as New Leaf Paper changes manufacturing partners, Reincarnation Matte is being reborn, leading the evolution of paper toward the ideal combination of quality, affordability and environmental responsibility.

Beautiful New Print Surface for Reincarnation Matte
The reincarnation of Reincarnation Matte is a beautiful sheet with a smoother surface and premium quality print reproduction. Text weights are double coated and Cover weights triple coated, providing consistent surface quality across all basis weights. The whole product line is now super calendared, polishing and smoothing the sheet to make an exquisite print surface.

Reincarnation Matte retains the elegant, non-reflective aesthetic for which it is known, making it an attractive choice as one of the most environmentally responsible matte coated papers. It is also a great alternative to expensive uncoated papers when both high quality and a non-reflective surface are desired.


The original Reincarnation swatchbook from 1998.


Environmental Leadership –
60 Percent Postconsumer Recycled, FSC Certified, Green-e Certified

Reincarnation Matte is the highest postconsumer recycled content coated text and cover paper manufactured in North America with double the postconsumer recycled content of the closest competitor. The balance of the fiber comes from FSC-certified, sustainably harvested virgin forests, replacing the pre-consumer wastepaper used by New Leaf Paper’s previous manufacturer. The environmental benefits of the new Reincarnation remain the same, as they are driven entirely by the postconsumer content.

As with all of New Leaf’s products, the electricity used to produce Reincarnation is matched with renewable energy credits from Green-e certified wind power, continuing its commitment to the development of clean, non-polluting, fossil-fuel-replacing wind energy.

Partnership for Impact:
Wildlife Conservation Society Brochure and Zenith Color Group

Since setting out on its mission to lead the paper industry toward sustainability, New Leaf Paper has been committed to partnership and collaboration – the only way to achieve large-scale environmental impact and lasting change.

New Leaf forges partnerships with its customers, manufacturers and organizations that strive to make a difference. For the reincarnation of Reincarnation Matte, the company highlights its partnership with Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and Zenith Color Group to produce top-quality print collateral with high-visual, but low-environmental, impact.

The Wildlife Conservation Society is a pioneering leader in global conservation that has been saving wildlife and wild places since 1895. The society has been championing the cause of animals such as snow leopards, lowland gorillas and wild tigers for over a hundred years.

Visual Nature:
How Designers Help Save Wildlife and Wild Places

Wildlife Conservation Society created the Visual Nature brochure to illustrate how designers can help save wildlife and wild places through the power of their designs.

New Leaf Reincarnation Matte was the clear paper choice, providing beautiful reproduction of stunning wildlife photography along with leading environmental specifications. WCS’s print partner, Zenith Color Group, also reflects these values. Zenith maximizes the sustainability of every step in the printing process, and features a revolutionary new eco-friendly waterless printing press with no VOC emissions.

“New Leaf’s Reincarnation Matte paper produces vibrant colors, can hold a very clean dot, and enables us to maintain our high standard of print quality using a high postconsumer content recycled paper. Together with New Leaf Paper, Zenith Color Group can provide our clients with a truly eco-friendly print product that we can all be proud of,” said Peter Savitt, president at Zenith Color Communication Group, Inc.

Win, Win, Win
When companies and organizations align on values as well as on product quality, it’s a “triple win” scenario: companies produce a stellar product, customers appreciate high product quality at an affordable price, and it advances causes such as wildlife conservation and environmental impact.

Get a Free Wildlife Conservation Society Visual Nature Brochure
The Wildlife Conservation Society’s Visual Nature Brochure is a great example of the future of successful business: companies and organizations working together to create products that not only satisfy their customer base, but also make a positive impact in the process.

To request your free copy of the beautiful Wildlife Conservation Society brochure, please email [email protected].

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