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A project – a really engaging, successful print project – is like a journey, like a road trip with your very best friends.

There is the starting-out part where you look at maps, gather supplies and organize your essentials. You make sure all your pals are on schedule and along for the ride. Pretty quickly, excitement is building and everyone is talking about it. Then early one morning you load the car, pass around a thermos of hot coffee, and you’re off on a grand adventure.

So many things come together to get your project on the road, but the right paper takes you where you want to go. With West Linn Paper Co.’s Sonoma and Capistrano papers, designers, publishers and printers are starting out in the right direction every time.

That’s when the real work begins – looking for signs that you are on the right path, staying on plan even when you are pulled this way and that. Occasionally you go off the itinerary, simply because you are inspired. Maybe you even change course altogether – if everyone is with you on it, if you’re all just loving where you are headed.

And all the way, you know that because you chose the right paper, it will look stunning and professional in the end, no matter where the project takes you.

Before long, you reach your destination – you can’t even believe you made it. Everyone is thrilled, really soaking up the moment. You did it. You’re there. It is excellent.

Later, back at home, you celebrate, pack everything away, and put the trek behind you. But every time you are together, it’s all you can talk about – that great thing you all did, that awesome trip, the amazing journey.

You chose the destination. Quality paper drove it home. Beautifully designed, high-quality swatchbooks are available for high-quality Sonoma and Capistrano coated free-sheet papers. These swatchbooks are West Linn’s showroom. Inside each one, you’ll find the vehicle that will make your journey possible, that will bring it all to life.

The books will take you on a trip through Sonoma and Capistrano papers. You can pore over each of the sparkling images, which tell the story of a grand adventure, and find just the right weight and finish to make your project shine.

The covers are printed 4-color process with gloss varnish at 200-line screen. Inside, see printing demonstrated for 60 lb., 70 lb. and 80lb. gloss, dull and matte photographs and text, 4-color process at 200-line screen. The 60 lb. demo pages include spot gloss and matte varnishes.

Sonoma – quality and versatility
West Linn Paper’s Sonoma brand has been an industry standard for more than 30 years. Printers and merchants turn to Sonoma when specifying a No. 3 coated free-sheet web grade because of its quality, versatility, solid performance, and runnability.

Sonoma delivers a smooth, blue-white sheet with excellent opacity and ink holdout. With an 88 brightness, a wide range of available text, cover and caliper weights and gloss, dull or matte finishes, Sonoma offers the versatility needed for almost all coated web printing projects. Sonoma is a high-value sheet at a competitive price point that consistently delivers.


Capistrano – consistency and beauty
When your project demands the highest quality, West Linn Paper’s Capistrano will not be outperformed. Rated as a top choice by printing professionals, the paper’s smooth, bright, blue-white sheet and 92 brightness bring true-to-life reproduction and crisp, clear images to any printed piece.

Capistrano No. 2 coated free-sheet web paper offers high quality with all the characteristics expected by today’s graphic industry – consistent press yields, runnability, minimal variation and solid performance. Capistrano is available in a wide variety of weights and finishes, and the quality is competitive with any No. 2 paper on the market.


Both papers are available in text, cover and caliper grades as well as gloss, matte or dull finishes. They are both available with FSC or SFI certification upon request.

Printers, catalog and magazine publishers, designers, and corporate end-users have come to rely on the consistency of Sonoma and the beauty of Capistrano.

You decide where to go. West Linn Paper will take you there.

To order a Sonoma or Capistrano swatchbook, click here, and indicate which swatch you’d like to receive


Sonoma and Capistrano brands are registered trademarks of West Linn Paper Co.



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