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Neenah Paper has just released two great new tools to help you choose papers: The ROYAL SUNDANCE Paper Collection Print Reference Guide and the ASTROPARCHE Parchment Inspired Papers swatchbook. Unlike Neenah’s online tools, these are printed because these two brands each have a strong focus on finish. So these printed materials will show you what an interesting finish can add to your project, as well as provide quick reference samples of more than five different print techniques on each color of the paper.

A Tool to Help You Choose the Right Color and Finish
The ROYAL SUNDANCE Paper Collection is Neenah’s newest brand, bringing together the best of the ROYAL and SUNDANCE Brands. They complement each other, making this collection wonderfully diverse, yet economical. Each finish offers a unique color palette. Four of the five finishes share five common colors, and the Fiber finish is a unique surface for any print process.

The ROYAL SUNDANCE Reference Guide offers a section for each of the brand’s five finishes: Felt, Fiber, Smooth, Linen and Laid. Each sheet is a print sample, demonstrating blind emboss, metallic ink, foil stamp, one-color line art, halftone, four-color process (on the light colored papers), and screen values.

On the tab that precedes each finish, you’ll find information about that finish, regarding weights, digital, and environmental properties and certifications.

A tool like this can be invaluable before you go to press. How will a four-color process image on bright white look in comparison to a natural white? Will a Laid or Linen finish affect a foil stamp? Answering some of these questions in advance can help you go on press with confidence in your choices. Don’t leave your project to chance. Specifying ROYAL SUNDANCE Papers as your workhorse color and texture sheet is real simple.

Simply Elegant
ASTROPARCHE Papers is a unique brand in that the paper imitates the old world look of parchment paper. Available in nine soft, very printable colors, it’s a very elegant sheet that allows the designer to look at these papers as a foundation for strong, graphic line art applications. The unique heritage of parchment paper encourages printers to use ASTROPARCHE Papers for certificates, invitations, announcements and menus. Weights are 60 lb. Text and 65 lb. Cover, and Text weight is laser and inkjet guaranteed. Matching envelopes are available.

In the swatchbook, each color swatch in the waterfall is actually a print sample, demonstrating metallic ink, foil stamp, screen values, line art, and fine lines and type. You can plainly see what color might work best for you. Additionally, you can feel good about specifying ASTROPARCHE Papers. Every sheet is FSC certified, and all colors are Green Seal certified and contain 30% recycled post-consumer fiber.

For more information about ROYAL SUNDANCE Papers, visit

For more information about ASTROPARCHE Papers, visit

To get your ROYAL SUNDANCE Print Reference Guide and/or ASTROPARCHE Papers swatchbook, please email [email protected] 


ROYAL SUNDANCE and ASTROPARCHE are trademarks of Neenah Paper.


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