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What is better than getting a gift card to your favorite clothing store, bike shop, restaurant or spa? You relish the thought of spending it. You should. Because, like found money, it’s guilt-free shopping. Well, maybe not totally guilt free. After all, what about the mounds of plastic cards ending up in landfills after what is usually a single use?

The prepaid card market has grown significantly in the last few years in terms of both the number of providers and the number of consumers. The cards are increasingly becoming a way of life in consumer shopping and gifting, and anywhere a magnetic stripe card provides convenience.


According to the International Card Manufacturers Association, 3.4 billion gift cards were manufactured in 2011.

Neenah Paper has the solution. The recyclable ENVIRONMENT Retail Card is a 100% paper-based, four-ply laminated card made with water based glue, making it the perfect choice for one- or two-time use cards that will be tossed after spending. It’s 40% post-consumer fiber, FSC certified, Green-e certified and carbon neutral, in stark contrast to the carbon footprint left by the manufacture of plastic cards.

(Check out the recent PaperSpecs/Neenah Paper Webinar, Gift Card Designs that Sell, here.)


We’ve addressed sustainability issues by fundamentally changing the materials and processes used to manufacture the cards.

But just because it’s an environmentally friendly paper, there’s no need to compromise on visual appeal. ENVIRONMENT Retail Card Paper offers high-fidelity print performance, providing opportunities for a wide range of creative options. The outer layer of the ENVIRONMENT Retail Card is premium paper in Gloss or Silk finish with a 97 brightness, offering a superior surface that performs beautifully on press. By using a premium product, you can create a card that truly reflects the unique quality of a brand.


In business, gift cards are used both internally as tools to improve morale, and externally to build relationships and loyalty.

Prepaid cards have many uses, including retail gift cards, incentive cards, restaurant loyalty cards, e-commerce cards, hospitality cards and gifting in general.

Additional opportunities exist to use a broad range of Neenah’s environmentally sound papers in a wide variety of rich colors, unique textures and a wide range of weights – from foldable Text weights to durable heavy weight Cover weights – for a card sleeve, card carrier, and other retail print collateral.

Differentiate the card with a unique holder, such as a hanging holder, small envelope, even a three-dimensional holder. You can elevate a brand with a premium gift card in a creative cardholder, for which you can use almost any paper in the Neenah portfolio.

For more information about ENVIRONMENT Retail Card Paper, click here or contact your local Neenah Paper sales representative.

ENVIRONMENT is a trademark of Neenah Paper.

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