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Neenah Paper

neenah_digital1Neenah Paper offers the most comprehensive collection of high-performing uncoated writing, text and cover digital papers in the industry. And yet, they are still making it better by expanding choices at all levels of the fine-paper value chain.

The newest additions include new weights, new colors, new finishes and new sizes, as well as the ROYAL SUNDANCE Brand and a new CRANE’S Paper digital offering now available in CRANE’S LETTRA Papers. Additionally, as HP is just introducing their new larger format HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press, Neenah has simultaneously introduced a new 20.9″ x 29.5″ (531 mm x 749 mm) sheet.

  • 14 brands
  • 38 colors
  • 15 finishes
  • 13 weights

Neenah DIGITAL is a comprehensive collection of textures, finishes and colors with cutting edge digital printing characteristics. When you specify Neenah, you can create something unique, something to stand out, such as white ink on a broad selection of rich, dark colors. Or digital printing on the wonderfully tactile finish of 100% cotton letterpress paper.neenah_digital2

  • Precision Cut Digital Sizes
  • Environmentally Certified Options
  • Matching Envelopes Available

With brands like CLASSIC CREST, CLASSIC Linen, ESSE, ENVIRONMENT and CRANE’S LETTRA Papers, Neenah is a market leader in premium papers. And with a digital portfolio of over 300 of our most popular colors, textures, finishes and weights, we provide a wide range of versatile, high-performing choices. Textures and finishes like Stipple, Laid, Linen, Fiber and Pearlized. The Perfect 10, a color palette consisting of the brightest white to vibrant red to the deepest black. But there are other colors unique to a brand, such as ENVIRONMENT Papers Desert Storm, and ESSE Papers Pearlized colors, among others.

We have all seen how quickly the digital market has grown. Neenah believes that using premium papers in shorter print runs just makes common sense in this busy world. Neenah wants to provide value and selection, and make it easy to find exactly the information you are looking for. The new 8-page Neenah DIGITAL Guide contains detailed charts of every brand, finish, color, weight and environmental properties, as well as various digital press guarantees and recommendations. Neenah’s Universal Digital Finish is guaranteed to perform on most digital printing presses including HP Indigo, Xerox iGen, Kodak NexPress and Canon ImagePress.

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