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Four centuries ago, a mill nestled in an alpine valley of Northern Italy set out to produce the finest paper on earth.

More than 200 years later and a continent away, a paper mill on the shores of Lake Winnebago in Wisconsin was born with the same mission.

Kindred spirits separated by thousands of miles, each mill launched paper companies that would build unrivaled traditions of artisan craftsmanship and innovative technology. Now, after nearly 400 years, the Italian paper icon has finally met its North American soul mate.

NeenahDesign3A blend of iconic and stylish
Neenah and Gruppo Cordenons have embarked on a relationship that brings two worlds together into one: The Design Collection. Blending five iconic Neenah brands with six stylish Italian brands, the portfolio boasts the best of both worlds. Cordenons lends design expertise and tactile sensations curated by Milan’s leading fashion houses, and a spirit of innovation, while Neenah brings unparalleled style—and a North American clientele—to the Italian mill’s artisan heritage. Italian sensibility and North American smarts make quite a couple.

Like all great unions, it wasn’t easy. The paper industry is as turbulent as ever. Partnerships can be risky propositions. But this powerful match marks a defining moment of shared vision and new opportunity. With inspired color palettes, one-of-a-kind textures and signature finishes at their disposal, designers can tap an international wellspring of creativity to produce world-class projects—all while deepening customer intimacy with an inspiring array of specialty papers.


The collection
The Design Collection is comprised of the following 11 premium brands: Stardream, Plike, Esse, Eames, Oxford, Moondream, Teton, Canaletto, Wild, Starwhite and So…Silk Papers. These are the papers specified on a daily basis for special projects like luxury packaging, business presentation folders, extraordinary envelopes, fine collateral brochures, identity materials, greeting cards, posters and other print collateral for brands that desire to distinguish themselves with the added value of touch, feel and look.

Ellen Bliske, Brand Manager at Neenah Paper, says, “Today, every single customer interaction matters more than ever. Neenah is committed to helping paper specifiers and their clients stand out at every physical brand touch point. This is where quality matters most.”

The Design Collection book is 6” x 9”, and contains more than 100 swatches organized by brand and hue, as well as print demonstrations of lithography, foil stamping and embossing. And to be sure all goes well, Neenah has included detailed production considerations for every brand, from pre-press to inks to finishing.


As with any collection, there are a few that stand out in their uniqueness, like Moondream, a paper that turns transparent when heat is applied; or Plike, a plastic-like surface that revolutionizes paper’s texture; as well as Eames Canvas finish; Wild 314 lb. cover; and a wide array of colorful choices with a texture made from a watermarked grid of delicately patterned squares. Consider it your international portfolio, versatile and vibrant, and always readily available when you want it and where you need it. This is a must-have paper collection for any studio.

“This new collection complements our current offerings, making a world-class selection of premium papers readily available across North America,” says Tom Wright, Senior Director of Advertising and Design for Neenah Paper.

NeenahDesign3bNeenah Cabinet. At any time or on any occasion explore The Design Collection and complete Classic paper offering within the revolutionary free Neenah app for iPad, iPhone, Android and desktop users.

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Neenah Cabinet is a trademark, and Classic a registered trademark, of Neenah Paper.


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