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Neenah is well known for its top selling Writing, Text and Cover papers. Ideal for corporate identity, brochures, annual reports, and just about any business communication, they offer a huge selection of colors, finishes and weights.

Unique Papers for Your Unique Project
Neenah Paper has exclusive premium papers that are in a category all by themselves. If you’re looking for a unique texture or finish, you’ll find CLASSIC COLUMNS Paper with its soft linear finish, or ESSE Papers with a softly watermarked grid finish option, and even subtle pearl finish choices. These are the papers that can really make a printed piece stand out, and if you want them, only Neenah has them.

One of the stars in Neenah’s exclusive portfolio is CRANE’S LETTRA Papers for letterpress printing. Although it performs beautifully for most print processes, including offset and digital printing, embossing, engraving and foil stamping, this 100% pure cotton paper was specifically designed to maximize the letterpress imprint. The sheet has a fluffy quality that absorbs the ink while remaining soft to the touch, even under the pressure of letterpress printing.

Yes, There’s a Paper for That
Neenah makes many papers for special uses. Take, for example, those printed coasters the bartender puts under your drink. Neenah Blotter Papers are available in Absorbent Blotter and Printable Blotter, in a variety of weights. Imagine fast absorbency, excellent retention and Neenah quality. And the fact that these papers can accept many types of print processes, including offset, embossing and foil stamping, makes them ideal for a wide variety of creative applications, including fragrance samplers, coasters, announcements, greeting cards, art designs, or annual report covers. And no matter how you use them, Neenah Blotter Papers are entirely recyclable.

Speaking of bartenders, Neenah has a line of food and beverage label papers that offer a variety of finishes and colors, and more important, wet strength durability. A great label is one of the most effective ways to differentiate your brand and your product. It’s important to create a label that communicates the same level of excellence as the product inside the bottle. For the food and beverage label market, Neenah Label Solutions provide several options for wine, beer and gourmet foods.

Real Paper, Real Color
Another unique product is durable printing paper. While many durable papers are synthetic, PaperTyger from Neenah Paper is real paper. Available in 95 brightness Superwhite, Translucent White and Kraft Tan options, it performs beautifully on press. And because the surface is uncoated paper, it’s not necessary to use special processes, inks or toners for printing. Tear, water and grease resistant, with superior fold endurance and hassle-free printing, it’s real paper for the real world.

If you’re looking for vivid color reproduction, breathtakingly sharp images, and superior ink holdout, CORONADO SST is the perfect uncoated choice. Its special surface treatment ensures excellent print performance, with colors jumping off the page.

To sum it up, when it comes time to use one of these unique papers for a special print project, don’t be satisfied with a knock-off. Get the genuine article at Neenah Paper.

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CLASSIC COLUMNS, ESSE, CRANE’S LETTRA, PaperTyger and CORONADO are all registered trademarks of Neenah Paper.

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