Mohawk Does Windows

Unless an envelope is dressed up to look like either a check or a summons from the IRS, it seldom raises an eyebrow, which is a pity. At a time when direct-mail volumes are only expected to rise, more professionals are realizing that the best hope they have of attracting attention lies in rethinking this humble piece of the mailing process.

Few paper companies understand this better than Mohawk, which is about to unleash some exciting envelope stimulations inspired by Josef Albers’ artwork and designed by Aurora Design’s Jennifer Wilkerson. (As with Mohawk’s envelope offerings, the windows are completely customizable to make the most of your design.)

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The Mohawk Does Windows promo features three different themes:


  • 6 square: Mohawk Loop Antique Vellum Thai Gold 80t/118 gsm
  • 5.5 square: Mohawk Loop Antique Vellum Urban Gray 80t/118 gsm
  • Insert: Strathmore Premium Wove Nordic Blue 100c/270 gsm


  • 6 square: Mohawk Via Vellum Safety Yellow 70t/104 gsm
  • 5.5 square: Mohawk Via Vellum Warm Red 70t/104 gsm
  • Insert: Mohawk Via Vellum Rhodamine 80c/216 gsm
  • 6.5 square: Mohawk Superfine Smooth Softwhite 80t/118 gsm
  • Insert: Mohawk Via Vellum Safety Yellow 80c/216 gsm


  • 6 square: Strathmore Premium Wove Khaki 80t/118 gsm
  • 5.5 square: Mohawk Loop Antique Vellum Black 80t/118 gsm
  • Insert: Mohawk Carnival Linen Red 80c/216 gsm.


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