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If you love letterpress, there’s a new paper that is quite literally hot off the paper machine and has designers and letterpress printers across the country swooning.

Introducing Strathmore Pure Cotton Letterpress papers, a new line of 100% cotton letterpress papers from Mohawk, representing the American paper mill’s longstanding commitment to making the finest paper available.

Strathmore Pure Cotton Letterpress papers have been designed to emulate the look and feel of handmade paper, with a luxurious texture that allows for a beautiful contrast between the sheet’s texture and the printed impression.

Original example of letterpress paperSince its beginnings in 1892, the Strathmore brand has been associated with innovative cotton fiber papermaking. Mohawk is proudly maintaining that heritage with the introduction of Strathmore Pure Cotton Letterpress papers, bringing legendary Strathmore quality to a new generation of letterpress printers.

Chris Harrold, Mohawk’s Vice President Business Development and Creative Director, explains why it was important to develop this new line of Strathmore-branded paper. “When we rediscovered the Strathmore Archives in 2013, we realized our responsibility to share the beauty of the archives, celebrate the iconic Strathmore brand, and share this incredible heritage of fine paper making with others.”

Chris continues, “We realized we had a gap in our product portfolio that didn’t allow us to fully participate in a really interesting maker community comprised of letterpress printers. As we met with new, young practitioners and established production shops in the letterpress community, it became clear that there was a hunger for beautifully tactile, pure cotton letterpress papers that feel handmade.”

As the caretaker of the historic Strathmore brand, Mohawk reflects on the Strathmore Archives by celebrating the heritage of fine paper, while also looking ahead with innovations in texture and color specifically designed for letterpress printing.

Speaking of color, Strathmore Pure Cotton Letterpress Paper is available in two vintage shades of white – Ultimate White and Soft White – and two unique and rich colors: Smoke Gray and Chino.

Stationary meetup letterpress invitation.

Mohawk unveiled the line at the recent HOW Design Live Conference in Boston and National Stationery Show in New York City to rave reviews from letterpress aficionados.

Letterpress printers, notoriously obsessed with paper quality and texture, are instantly taken by the paper’s handmade aesthetic, rich color selection (including whites, chino and smoke gray) and incredible feel.

Erika Firm of Delphine says, “I’m totally in love with Strathmore Pure Cotton Letterpress paper! The surface is spot on perfect for letterpress – not too bumpy, not too smooth. When I hold it, it just feels special, which is exactly how I want my clients to feel when they hold their wedding invitations for the first time. It makes my job easier when I’m starting with such a lovely paper.”

Kate Saliba, owner of Smudge Ink, says, “We used the Strathmore Pure Cotton Letterpress Paper for a ‘Greetings From Boston’ postcard we printed for the HOW Design Live conference last month. Compared to other letterpress papers, it’s very easy to work with – durable, minimal dust and feeds easily through the press. We think it helped to show off our design, too, as it handled our deep impression and neon ink beautifully.”

'Greetings from boston' letterpressed design of the city.

Harold Kyle of Boxcar Press says, “Strathmore Pure Cotton has a richly textured surface that looks like no other letterpress paper. The paper’s soft, natural surface contrasts nicely with a letterpress impression. It performs well on press and in our bindery, so we’re excited to use this paper – and its great selection of corresponding envelopes – on upcoming projects.”

Jeremy Chapline of Ink Plate Press, says, “On top of its visual beauty, it outperforms other papers when it comes to taking ink. Since it has an amazing texture, it creates a wonderful contrast when an impression is applied. And, to the best of my knowledge, you cannot find a 100% cotton paper in grey and chino elsewhere! The color options are perfect. Best paper I’ve printed on by far.”

Strathmore Pure Cotton Letterpress is available in three calipers: 18 pt for digital printing/letterpress,20 pt for letterpress printing, and 40 pt for invitations, greeting cards, postcards, announcements and more. Complementary 80 text envelopes are available with square or Euro flaps.  Samples are available to order from

PaperSpecs readers, enter to win one of 12 sample packs of Strathmore Letterpress Notecards printed on Mohawk’s Strathmore Pure Cotton Letterpress Paper. Hurry: This contest ends on midnight ET June 25th.

Strathmore stationery example with letterpress accents Matching envelopes for stationery Elaborate letterpress designs for stationery.


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