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It was almost a decade ago when Bacardi USA challenged itself to change the consumer perception of tequilas with its introduction of a new premium tequila – Corzo – specifically developed for the luxury spirits market… a development that launched FiberMark into a new arena of luxury secondary packaging.


When world-leading brands look for ways to distinguish their products on the shelf, they turn to FiberMark, a solutions provider and creative partner in the luxury packaging industry. FiberMark has been a trusted supplier to the industry for decades, offering distinctive, decorative covering materials like Skivertex, Pellaq, Senzo and Corvon for set-up boxes to help elevate brands such as Louis XIII, Glenmorangie, Patron, Grey Goose, and Ballantines, among others in the retail environment.


Aged to Perfection
About a decade ago (with the release of Corzo) came the introduction of a new product for FiberMark. Refined in its subtlety, Dorset’s matte, pigment-coated finish added the degree of understated elegance to the premium package design that Bacardi was looking for.

Since the inception of this high-performance product, FiberMark has continued to expand its presence in the luxury spirits folding carton industry with successes that can be directly attributed to the development process of Dorset. Now companies such as Johnnie Walker, Jack Daniels, Chivas Regal – and yes, still Corzo – make their mark with FiberMark’s premium folding carton paperboards like Dorset, Alloy, Grafton and Touché.


Highest Proof
Inspired designs put FiberMark on the surface to accentuate the value and quality of what’s inside. Drawing on its 100-year history of supplying durable and attractive covering materials and expertise in color-matching and dyed-through boards, FiberMark is a valued partner in the packaging industry with familiarity on how to capture a brand’s unique personality to differentiate it from competitors, attract attention, and significantly drive sales.

Bacardi sought out FiberMark to help provide the special look and feel they were after, a fact that was reinforced by Yousef Zaatar, then Vice President of Packaging Development at Bacardi, who said, “We wanted a custom color to match the other elements – no stock color would do.”

From Thought to Finish
It was this necessity for a custom touch where FiberMark helped transform inspiration into reality. FiberMark excels at working with designers from the beginning of a project, through the prototyping process, to the final stages.  To assist in the prototyping stage, the company is able to quickly turn around custom colors and textures based on the specification of the project. Its state-of-the-art ProtoLab can fast-forward a project and the FiberMark team, with its collective knowledge of the specification process, helps to ensure the success of the design and packaging requirements.


Private Reserve
To satisfy the growing demand for distinction in a busy retail environment, FiberMark recently announced the launch of a new portfolio of folding carton grades designed for luxury secondary packaging, specifically wine and spirits.

In addition to some mainstay products like Dorset and Grafton that are already being used in the industry today, the company released the new “K Series” family of products. Shimmer (K Series) & Metal-X (K Series) are luxury board products with distinctive, decorative coatings. Showcased as a “Private Reserve”  of machine-crafted products, the K Series represents just a sampling of the colors and finishes available in FiberMark’s folding carton portfolio. And pairing this promotional selection with the respective product line swatchbooks offers a dazzling array of color and texture options.


The entire suite of strong and durable folding carton products converts like a dream. Not only do they offer excellent resistance to cracking and scuffing, but also demonstrate superior scoring, folding and gluing properties. These luxury boards with distinctive, high-impact decorative coatings provide a stylish, refined alternative to generic SBS. The dyed-through board materials offer deep color saturation that eliminates glaring white edges in the finished product, while FiberMark’s robust manufacturing process ensures color consistency from run to run. FSC certified (FSC-C020981) and made in the USA, the premium paperboards are composed of recycled content and are well-suited for a variety of decoration techniques.

Small Batch
For many brands, this new portfolio sampling is just a starting point. And for a lot of designers, this is the point in which the conversation gets fun!

Many brands and designers thrive on creating a unique look and feel for their products or clients. And that is exactly what FiberMark can offer. It allows for niche design to be explored, leveraging custom colors and patterns, custom weights, and/or custom color duplex solutions. By offering low minimums and competitive lead times, these special “small batch” orders can bring a new level of distinction to high-end wine & spirits brands. The combinations and possibilities are endless.

Best Enjoyed
Although the new portfolio of products has been engineered and designed to be enjoyed as folding carton luxury packaging, the materials are also well-suited for complementary branding projects such as hang tags, special event invitations, and other corporate collateral materials.

Choosing the right specialty covering material or stock for a new product launch or holiday release in the wine & spirits market can help a brand reposition or upsell their products by providing added shelf appeal. And the richness coupled with durability offered in this innovative folding carton portfolio will make a lasting impression on the consumer. Cheers to that!

Want to make a lasting impression with your next packaging project? Click here to order the new Folding Carton Product Portfolio swatchdeck. Or browse FiberMark’s folding carton products to see a full range of color and texture options, and to order individual sample sheets.


For questions and inquiries, please email FiberMark at [email protected].


Skivertex, Corvon, Pellaq, Senzo, Dorset, Grafton, Alloy, and Touché are registered trademarks, and Shimmer and Metal-X are trademarks, of FiberMark North America Inc.


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