Hip To Be Square?


Envelopes.com, the leading supplier of plain and custom printed envelopes, is excited to bring you the absolute best selection of sleek, Square Envelopes!

These days, it’s hip to be square! Square Envelopes are sleek, chic, and just perfect for every occasion. Your mailings will definitely catch some extra attention with these exciting, standout envelopes. With a great range of sizes, styles and colors, there’s a square for everyone!

Looking for Eco-Friendly options, stylish bright hues, rustic grocery bag styles, or even translucent square envelopes? Look no further; Envelopes.com has you covered! What’s more, several square options feature a sleek square flap and Peel & Press for easy sealing.


Available in 12 great sizes, ranging from cute 3 ¼ all the way to 9 ½ squares, these envelopes are the perfect complement to elegant wedding invitations, announcements, direct mail pieces, greeting cards and much more!

DIY Squares and More!
Like handbags and shoes, you’ll just never have enough squares! Elegant Contour Flap Envelopes, and DIY Pocket and Petal Invitations are also available in square sizes!

To add some squares to your stationery wardrobe, visit Envelopes.com today!


He Asked, She Said Yes! Now it’s time to visit The Wedding Shop!
In addition to hip squares, The Wedding Shop at Envelopes.com is filled with a handpicked selection of stationery options for your special day. Browse the DIY Layered Invitations, Eco-Friendly Cotton options, Inner and Outer Envelopes, The Metallics Collection, Mini/Gifting Envelopes, Foil Lined Envelopes and more! This is a one-stop shop!

Also, remember to take advantage of the Trade Discount Program and save up to 25% on every purchase. This program is free and is offered to those “in the biz” folks, that means you!

Enter to win a 50 pack of 6 x 6 Square Envelopes – color of your choice at: Square Envelopes Giveaway.



Peel & Press is a trademark of Envelopes.com.


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