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westlinn_sonomaOften times, we hold back or deny ourselves luxuries in life because we don’t think they are good for us. But what about those few, rare things that are both a little bit decadent AND good for us at the same time? Things like: dark chocolate, red wine, laughter or running barefoot. All of these things are enjoyable and have the hidden benefit of being beneficial for us in some way.

The latest Sonoma promotion highlights how Sonoma paper, like red wine and dark chocolate, also has some hidden benefits.

Beautifully printed pages showcase a variety of print treatments and demonstrate the versatility of Sonoma coated freesheet web papers. Not only is Sonoma reliable, affordable and an industry standard, but it prints and looks great, too.

You CAN have your cake and eat it, too
The approach for this piece was to think about those things that might, on the surface, only seem like they are good or enjoyable but, surprisingly, also bring some additional underlying benefit. For example, riding your bike to work to save on gas, but finding that you are losing weight and getting more fit in the process. Or, planting flowers to enjoy color in your garden, but finding you are attracting hummingbirds and butterflies as well.

The brochure focuses on these Hidden Benefits. Designed by Dianne Stevenson of DK Design, the piece was printed on an 8-color Mitsubishi heatset full web press using 80 lb. Sonoma Gloss Cover and 80 lb. Sonoma Gloss Text. The goal was to use UV coatings as well as dull and gloss varnishes to provide texture and depth, so it feels like you can almost reach in and break off a piece of the dark chocolate, or enjoy a sip of the red wine as it spills from the glass.

Throughout the piece are “fun facts” about each of the hidden benefits, and about the Sonoma product.


Uncovering the unexpected
“We always knew Sonoma was a fantastic sheet, but as designers and printers begin to look at other paper options, one thought is to go with a slightly less bright sheet,” states Jill Crossley, Director of Marketing for West Linn Paper. “We began to see some really high-end pieces being run on Sonoma. The ink coverage, smoothness and brightness of the sheet were fantastic, and customers and printers have noticed.”

Sonoma, from West Linn Paper, has been a well known web coated sheet in the industry for nearly 40 years. It has earned the reputation of being a workhorse for those jobs that require consistency and affordability. Over the years, West Linn Paper has continually focused on improving the consistency and quality of the paper. The machine operators know what customers are looking for and have the authority and personal accountability to ensure top quality paper is delivered each and every time.

With 88 brightness and a smooth, blue-white surface, the hidden benefit is Sonoma’s quality. Quality that brings a higher level of performance and that will deliver a piece that does not just run great on press, but also really stands out.

Versatility and availability
Uses for Sonoma include: product brochures, direct mail, magazines or catalogs. Any commercial print job would look great on Sonoma. Not only is it versatile, but Sonoma is also available in a wide range of basis weights from 45 lb. Text to 80 lb. Cover, and can be ordered in gloss, dull or matte finishes. With stock options in warehouses throughout the U.S., just-in-time deliveries are not a problem for those last-minute orders.

Sonoma can be made with FSC or SFI certification on any making order and, if a recycled option is required, the same Sonoma specs are available but with 10% to 30% recycled content branded under the Nature Web name.


Go ahead, it is good for you
Every day customers are looking for that unexpected benefit for their business. Sonoma offers the press runnability, affordability and availability without compromising quality, beauty and performance.

Sample the latest promotion on Sonoma paper and discover the Hidden Benefits for yourself. Just click here to request a copy. 


Sonoma is a trademark of West Linn Paper.


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