Bye frustration. Hi creative freedom.


How many times have you had a stellar design idea, only to find that you had to curtail your creative approach due to cover stock that would crack under pressure? Or wouldn’t handle the ink coverage you had in mind? Or couldn’t reproduce the range of color you intended?

Invercote from Iggesund changes all that, delivering the creative freedom you’ve been looking for with:

  • Exceptional print capabilities
  • Superior strength and stiffness
  • Unmatched durability
  • Mind-blowing color reproduction, and much, much more

Imagine paperboard that can withstand more than 4,500 folding cycles versus the standard 50. Think of the masterpiece you could create with paperboard that refuses to crack when folded—with or against the grain. Imagine the freedom of designing what your mind’s eye sees.

Better yet, don’t just imagine it.
Create that masterpiece and enter it in Iggesund’s upcoming design contest. Specifically, show your ingenious examples of Invercote’s strongest assets put to good use—a practical application for its ability to withstand cracking, or its stiffness and durability, its outstanding color reproduction, converting excellence or premium print surface. Combine any or all of these and show off your design prowess—without creative limits!

Then join Iggesund in New York City this November for contest results and an unforgettable night with your creative peers (some of whom will be judging the competition).

A Night with Invercote is a rare opportunity to mingle with other top designers from around the world and showcase your outstanding print and packaging design.

Stay tuned for specific exhibit details in upcoming issues of PaperSpecs. But don’t delay your Invercote order.

For a limited time, Iggesund is offering a 10% discount on all orders specified for submission to the contest. Visit today for offer details and to register your submission.

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