Just when you think you’ve seen every iteration of letterpress printing, a new project comes along to remind us that this time-honored technique has much still to teach us about the beauty and effectiveness of print.


neenah-draplin-125Letterpress with the Aaron Draplin Touch

Aaron Draplin — you know, the co-founder of Field Notes and the guy behind the 10-minute Lynda.com logo — has joined the cause to support the Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum through the Beauty of Letterpress project …


calendar_125Perpetual Letterpress Calendar

There’s just something about a calendar. Perhaps it’s the fact that it is a piece of art that will sit by your side throughout the year; maybe it’s just the implied optimism that you’ll be around to see December …


jackdaniels-125[Video] Jack & Letterpress

Get your weekend off to an early start with a Jack Daniel’s studio visit to a Knoxville letterpress company, where they printed 10 beautiful posters for the liquor label …


beer_125Letterpressed Beer Coasters

Everyone and their brother seems to have a letterpress today – it’s the foosball table of the design world. Yet, as the saying goes, your mileage may vary. Some people turn out mildly interesting prints and notecards, others turn out gorgeous …


leopold_bloomsday2Letterpress Revives ‘Ulysses’ Quotes

Heaven love dear old James Joyce. The Irish writer, dead now these 72 years, continues to inspire artistic endeavors, especially around June 16th – aka “Bloomsday” – a date of significance in his most famous work, “Ulysses” …



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