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May 16, 2018

Create a Custom Feel for your Design with Brand Alchemy

spotlight: Classic Color

In our increasingly digital world, the truly successful brands are those that feel as unique as they look.
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Mohawk Maker Quarterly No. 14

Must Have: Mohawk

The Mohawk Maker Quarterly has evolved from a celebration of the maker movement to an eye-catching magazine designed to inspire print designers everywhere. No. 14 is the largest to date and possibly the most ambitious.


‘Responsible Paper Procurement’ Insights

Must Have: Rolland

Discover how the environmentally-sound purchasing decisions of top brands have become key to their business success.

Paper Inspiration

New Zealand Sheep Farm Promotion

Nothing transports me to another world quite like the perfect pairing of photography, paper stock and finishing techniques. I can’t think of a more beautiful example than Tadd Myers' portfolio of New Zealand sheep farms.

Pro Member Tip

Today’s Obsession: Digital Metal Foil

The majestic lion for sure? Or better yet, the sunset-drenched lighthouse? With a holographic sheen that seems to linger just under the surface, there is something about each one of the postcards in front of me that is enticing.


Caught Our Eye

Gallery Sneak Peek
TPC ROSE Fire & Ice Moonlight Gala
Gallery Sneak Peek
Goat Barn
Gallery Sneak Peek
Omelle Business Card
Gallery Sneak Peek
Moonstruck Chocolate

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