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October 17, 2018

Performance Label Swatchbook

Must Have: Monadnock Paper Mills

Your days of having to choose between sharp-looking labels and those that are environmentally friendly are over – something you’ll discover first-hand while flipping through Monadnock’s newly refreshed Performance Label swatchbook. Read More

Request your copy of the Monadnock Performance Label Swatchbook right now!


Super-cute ‘Snapshot’ Springhill Swatchbook

Must Have: International Paper

Sure, swatchbooks inform and inspire, but when was the last time one actually made you smile? The new, ultra-colorful Springhill Snapshot sampler will do just that. It features five sets of colored cards with five unique animal illustrations, each representing a different Springhill product category. Read More

Enter to win one of 50 copies of the new “Snapshot” Springhill swatchbook right now!

Paper Inspiration

‘Hex’ Board Game

Any time you’re lamenting that you just don’t have a big enough budget to create something extraordinary, remember what Academy of Art student Pauline Capote accomplished with just a home inkjet printer, some paper, and a sharp designer’s eye - a board game right after our own CMYK hearts – “Hex: The Clash of Colors.”

Pro Member Tip

Your Ultimate Guide to Foiling!

I have been writing about the various options to add foil to your printed pieces for a while now, but earlier this year realized that you rarely have the time to read through all the choices. This being the case, I hunkered down and, with the help of some trusted printer friends and in collaboration with the FSEA, created the ultimate Foil Cheat Sheet!


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