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March 20, 2019

Paper Inspiration

Echelon Invitation and Sleeve

Our friends at Echelon Fine Printing know us too well, it seems. They recently sent me this invitation which actually consists of two parts: an extremely intricate sleeve boasting multiple printing and finishing techniques, and the card itself, which echoes a sentiment dear to my heart: “But out of limitations comes creativity.”

Pro Member Tip

5 Easy Steps for Deciding Between Perfect and Smyth Binding

So enticing was the cover of the “hyper-realistic installation novel” in my hands, I would have loved to step right into the world it depicted. It told the story of a fictitious 19th-century French painter, so nearly all of its 223 pages were filled with lovely art reproductions just begging to be pored over and admired. There was only one problem, and it was a big one: the binding method chosen meant I could barely pry the book open without fear of breaking it! As beautifully printed as it was, its makers had decided to go with perfect binding.


Caught Our Eye

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Clearstory Book
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Lightfoot & Wolfville Rosé Label

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