Secrets of the Itinerant Printer: Essential Letterpress Tips 

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Thursday, April 4, 2019
2:00 p.m. Eastern (11:00 a.m. Pacific)

Many letterpress operators today are self-taught, resulting in a vast cornucopia of varying techniques. Chris Fritton, the self-styled “Itinerant Printer,” has spent the last four years picking up letterpress tips, and sharing his own, by visiting more than 160 shops around the country.  “The only thing that I bring on the road is paper and ink,” he explains. “So I work exclusively with what those letterpress shops have in their collections: antique wood and metal type, borders & ornaments, cuts & images – whatever is available.” 

Webinar Highlights

Join us on April 4th as Chris reveals some of the many letterpress styles and techniques he’s picked up from the more than 20,000 prints he’s made in print shops throughout the nation.  

Chris Fritton will draw on his 60,000-plus mile journey to share with attendees: 

  • His secrets for producing sharp, bright letterpress prints 
  • Which letterpress rules you need to learn before you can break them 
  • How incorporating modern technologies into the letterpress process offers new creative possibilities. 

About the Speaker

A former studio director at the Western New York Book Arts Center in Buffalo, Chris got his start in letterpress printing as a writer and book artist, before moving into crafting concert and event posters. In 2015 he launched The Itinerant Printer project initially as a way to fund his “journeyman time” as a letterpress artist. Since then, it’s taken him to more than 45 states, 4 Canadian provinces, and it’s even resulted in “The Itinerant Printer Coffee Table Book,” a 320-page tome featuring 1,500 photos illustrating his tales about all the people, places and prints that he’s encountered along the way. More at: 


Chris Fritton
“The Itinerant Printer”


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