The Merging of Online and Print

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Thursday, September 7, 2017
2 pm Eastern / 11 am Pacific

Print in and of itself can be an amazing medium, but it sometimes seems to fall short of the digital possibilities. However, Rafi Albo, founder and CEO of leading marketing agency SEGMARKETING, has shown that print and digital can go hand in hand.

Join us on September 7th as Albo will show designers how to integrate cutting-edge concepts such as augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality into their print creations to create larger-than-life designs.

Webinar Highlights

  • Preview a large assortment of Albo’s latest print projects and the online technologies he integrated with them.
  • Get a behind-the-scenes look at some of the most creative and disruptive work Albo is developing for brands across the world.
  • Learn how to incorporate augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality technologies into your own projects.
  • Discover how technology can boost demand for new print forms.

About the Speaker

Rafi Albo is founder and CEO of SEGMARKETING, a leading agency specialized in 1to1 marketing, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality. During his 20 years of professional experience, he has been successfully combining print and online, producing hundreds of innovative applications for 1to1 marketing campaigns for a wide range of industries. Having built both commercial and collegial relationships with various brands, technology platforms and start-ups around the globe, SEGMARKETING has unique experience and insights into the evolving trends and specific needs of international businesses. A global expert in the field of 1to1 marketing, digital marketing, AR & VR, Rafi is a renowned keynote speaker and advisor in many international events, webinars, and organizations.


Rafi Albo

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