Impressions that Last: The Art of Engraving  

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Tuesday, June 11, 2019
2:00 p.m. Eastern (11:00 a.m. Pacific)

What is it that makes engraving so unique, and what do you have to know to use it successfully in your own designs?

Webinar Highlights

Join us on June 11th as third-generation printer at Chicago’s Artistry Engraving & Embossing Co., Philip Gattuso, shares how he has pushed this centuries-old process beyond previously imagined limits and into the modern age. Philip will demystify the engraving process, and show you what you need to know to bring your own fantastic design work to life using this unrivaled technique.

Along the way you’ll discover:

  • What engraving is and what kind of art works best
  • How engraving differs from embossing
  • What papers work well with this process
  • How to design with engraving in mind
  • How to follow the engraving rules, and when to break them

Free Giveaway

Attend the live presentation and enter to win one of 10 engraved posters from Mohawk titled “Engraving is a Statement,” featuring 18 different colors on the same sheet and 40 hand-fed passes– making the registration an astonishing achievement.

About the Speaker

Chicago printer and engraver Philip Gattuso operates a C. R. Carver Die Stamping Press at Artistry Engraving & Embossing Co. With a focus on copper-plate and steel-die stationery engraving, Philip immersed himself in the process-heavy trade by first learning how to operate a press. Once he perfected normal production operations, he began designing and printing pieces that he felt other engraving shops wouldn’t be capable of producing. Through much trial and error he has learned about ink preparation, proper copper-plate etch depth, sheet size restrictions, and how far he can push his press.


Phillip Gattuso
Printer and Engraver, Artistry Engraving & Embossing Co.

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