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Ink on paper has an intrinsic connection with its audience.

Did you know our brains process paper-based and digital marketing in different ways? A study by Millward Brown (Using Neuroscience to Understand the Role of Direct Mail) strongly suggests that physical marketing materials, such as print publications, corporate collateral and direct mail, cause more emotional processing than virtual materials, leaving a deeper imprint on the brain resulting in greater recall and brand associations.

A printed piece is unique … it has a personality. It can be touched, folded, dropped, crumpled, and shared.

The tactile nature of paper is one reason why print is so effective in building brand awareness and driving purchase intent. As companies continue to refine their marketing mix, the fact remains that print drives results and is the cornerstone of any successful multichannel strategy.

Turn to Verso for quality products.
Verso understands the value of print and the integral role that paper plays in the look and feel of a printed piece.

That’s why it has created an industry-leading portfolio of coated, uncoated and label papers geared towards meeting the needs of catalogers, publishers, retailers, and commercial printers.

With award-winning brands, a reputation for quality, and a broad spectrum of basis weights and finishes, it is no wonder why many of today’s leading marketers turn to Verso.

Turn to Verso for reliable service.
With the focus on shorter runs, tighter timelines, and smaller, more targeted mailings, service is a key component in ensuring your project is successful.

You need quick, accurate responses on price and availability, manufacturing flexibility and overall consistency from your paper supplier. Verso’s product portfolio is backed by an extensive service platform, offering a plethora of resources to help make your project run smoothly, from quick turnaround of stock and custom roll sizes to the support of its highly experienced print and paper experts.

Turn to Verso because paper matters.
You need to make sure the paper you choose provides the desired image reproduction requirements to create a deep imprint on your audience. You need to make sure your paper provider provides the services to make your project successful. Verso provides that unique combination of quality products and services designed with you in mind.

Verso and PaperSpecs will be giving away a Verso Paper Selector and special gift to 25 lucky PaperSpecs readers. Please send an email with your name, company name, email and physical address by midnight, Monday, May 21, 2012; Winners will be randomly selected and then notified by email.

The Verso Paper Selector provides all the information required to select the right Verso paper for your print project. The special gift is a Verso notepad/pen set and a stainless steel travel tumbler.

To view specifications on Verso’s product line and order product samples, visit www.versopaper.com.  Contact an experienced sales team at 1-800-258-8852 or via email at [email protected].
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