The Untold Story of Enve & Lope: (How the Envelope Came to Be)

mohawk_enve1A compelling story should capture the attention and interest of its audience. Much like great design, an incredible story has the power to be motivational, emotional and persuasive, leaving the audience looking for more.

Mohawk’s most recent envelope promotion, “The Story of Enve & Lope, How the Envelope Came to Be,” combines the power of design and story. The tale is told through beautifully crafted envelopes, exquisitely designed and illustrated inserts, and fun and lighthearted prose, all designed to communicate the benefits of envelopes manufactured with premium paper.

mohawk_enve7The story goes like this: Once upon a time, young Enve and Lope meet as friends in class, exchanging doodles and notes of affection. Their relationship grows through time and is strengthened by a shared love of poetry, music, design, European travel and, of course, love notes. As they travel the world and begin to mature, they realize their lives are not complete without the other. The culmination of the story – a marriage proposal, of course!

mohawk_enve3The promotion creatively highlights eight styles of Mohawk envelopes, including square, A2, A6, A7, A9, A10, Monarch and Baronial. Some designs feature windows, others feature unique flaps, such as Mohawk’s hot new Euroflap design.

The goal of the promotion is to communicate Mohawk’s breadth and depth of product offerings and the company’s capabilities as the only fine paper manufacturer with in-house converting operations.


A secondary objective is to encourage designers to begin to think of envelopes earlier in the design process. “A beautifully designed, high-quality envelope made with premium Mohawk paper will get noticed and will stand out. For a designer, a well-thought-out envelope is very much like the elegant wrapping paper on a gift of beautiful design,” says Vincent Giannetti, Director, Envelope Operations, Mohawk. “We hope to encourage more people to begin to think of envelopes as an integral component of design, and as a way to truly elevate their design projects.”

mohawk_enve4The promotional concept and design was developed by Katie Barcelona of Room 207 Design, and illustrated by Erik Marinovich, a letterist and designer based in San Francisco.

Barcelona explains, “The inspiration for Enve & Lope came to me last summer when I discovered a hidden drawer of old love letters exchanged decades ago between my grandparents. The letters spanned time and distance; some were random notes, others more polished, but each one was lovingly crafted and personal. So in the same spirit, we wanted to develop a wide range of styles for Enve and Lope’s romance: a playground of love letters. Each letter feels unique and intimate, and all the pieces together are made even more special because of the quality of material they are printed on. This project is one of my all time favorites.”

mohawk_enve5Fourteen Mohawk fine paper stocks were used to create the colorful inserts and envelopes. Printing was completed by Oliver Printing in Twinsburg, Ohio.  Both conventional and UV inks were used in the printing process. Envelopes were converted by Mohawk.

Just as everyone enjoys a good story, everyone craves a sequel. Later this summer, Mohawk will roll out part two of the envelope promotion highlighting Mohawk’s new Superfine Euroflap envelopes. The Euroflap promotion will feature the fictional couple’s wedding announcement and bridal stationery.

PaperSpecs readers, order your own Enve & Lope promotion here, and use coupon code “PAPERSPECSFREESHIP” to receive free shipping! For more information about Mohawk’s envelope selection, download Mohawk’s envelope guide.


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