Relaxing with the Kallima Family

From the soft, white downy variety to the brilliantly colored and patterned ones, pillows make a statement in the new “Kallima C1S, C1S Plus and C2S Family Folder.”

The message is this: You can relax knowing you have three FSC-certified Kallima Coated Cover grades that give you the flexibility to precisely meet the design and print performance required for your projects.

This latest promo piece provides a wonderful print demonstration for your file that includes the folder and printed sample sheets on 12 pt. and 10 pt. Kallima Coated Cover C1S, C1S Plus and C2S.

It’s done in 4-color process plus overall gloss aqueous coating with 20-micron stochastic screen using inks containing soy. Just dreamy!

To request your free “Kallima C1S, C1S Plus and C2S Family Folder,” please email [email protected].

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