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Did you know that Domtar recently added a “Super Smooth” paper to their Lynx Digital line? PaperSpecs PROs did shortly after it was announced. That’s because it was swiftly added to our Paper Finder, an ever-growing, searchable database of more than 5,500 papers – just one of the many time-saving features you will enjoy as a PRO member. (They will also be able to order the next swatchbook to feature it as soon as it’s released, and for free, but that’s ANOTHER feature we’ll discuss another time.)

There’s a good reason that print professionals have our Paper Finder bookmarked – it takes every one of your requirements for a given project and tells you which papers are the perfect ones to use.

digital_papersSay you’re looking for a yellow, FSC-certified sheet with 30% post-consumer waste for your client’s business cards? You can find the ideal paper simply by plugging in those search terms. See the exact color (including closest PMS color), paper mill, available finishes, weights and features instantly.

Best of all, click the “Get Samples” button, fill in your name and address, and you will receive the corresponding swatchbook or sample sheet (your choice) free of charge!

You will be amazed at how much easier this one feature makes your professional life. Just one more way your PaperSpecs PRO membership pays for itself every day.

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