Digital Foiling 2: Toner

Discover how this die-less “Sleeking” process, which uses toner and heat to add foil to your work, can provide you with amazing, cost-effective special effects on the page.
Sleeking differs greatly from Polymer based Digital Foiling not only in the way it’s applied, but also in the creative opportunities it provides.

Alex not only runs the printer’s HP Indigo digital press but also continuously experiments with new materials and processes, with a special interest in digital embellishments such as toner-based foils, aka “sleeking.”
His experience in commercial printing, background in interdisciplinary research, IT, and a deep and abiding love for MacGyver have all inspired him to come up with creative and high-tech solutions for turning 4-color prints into shimmering works of art. The featured artwork “The Kiss” recently won a “Gold Leaf Award” from the Foil and Specialty Effects Association.

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