Wrenz Portable Speaker Video

It’s a cliché, perhaps, but no less true for being so: Eastern cultures are traditionally better at integrating a respect for nature with modern life and design than those in the West. The packaging for Wrenz portable speakers are an excellent example of this, pairing impeccable environmental credentials with a die-cut sleight-of-hand that keeps everything firmly in place.

Constructed of compressed, unbleached recycled paper, the slim package holds this cute little speaker snuggly inside with the help of die-cut foam padding. Opening the front flap reveals that the stylized bird image of the Wrenz device on the front is not merely perforated, but a die-cut button holding the flap shut. (Oddly, the sound it makes when you open it sounds like there must be a Velcro button in there somewhere, but of course there is not – it’s just the super tight fit of that die-cut bird.)


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