World Relief 70th Anniversary Book Video

One of the toughest balancing acts in design may be crafting a piece geared toward convincing potential donors to part with their cash without scaring them away with the desperate circumstances your charity is trying to address in the first place. StudioNorth’s “Stand For The Vulnerable” World Relief 70th Anniversary Book manages to do both of these things by juxtaposing sobering photography and a handmade feel with a colorful binding that implies that where there is life (and charity), there is hope.

Taking a cue from the organization’s Christian philosophy in the “first will be last, the last first” vein, we really must begin with the back cover. On it we find the proud-yet-humble face of a woman boldly looking at what we presume to be her future, the colorful beads that adorn her neck suggesting hope and hinting at the sewn binding, which we’ll come to shortly. The image was digitally printed on the 60 pt. chipboard to create a spot varnish look.


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