Peak Color Holiday Card Video

There is nothing quite so magical as taking a walk during a crisp fall day, the trees a kaleidoscope of colorful leaves that also crunch satisfyingly beneath your feet. It is a time of year enchantingly captured in Peak Color, a holiday card mailed last autumn by Brilliant Graphics to remind current and potential clients that their company makes magic all year round.

Before we get to the design and production of this impressive piece, let’s take a moment to appreciate two very “Brilliant” moves the people at Brilliant Graphics made:

  • The cards stood out because they were mailed in the run-up to Thanksgiving rather than Christmas, deftly side-stepping the blizzard of holiday wishes their recipients were about to receive.
  • They used a single, highly creative piece to demonstrate several of the services they offer at once.

Knowing that they wanted to evoke the fall season, Brilliant Graphics began with a (admittedly somber) poem by Emily Bronte, and worked with designer Phil Unetic to bring it magically to life.

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