Monster Folder Video

If reality TV has taught us nothing (and it hasn’t), it’s that a little “in your face” goes a long way. But every once in a while, “in your face” is precisely what’s needed. This nose-slapping, eye-gouging monstrosity of a self-promo tells you everything you could ever want to know about the mad art of Chris Piascik in one disturbing, psychedelic head-trip of a piece.

Since 2007, Chris has been posting a new drawing to his website every day. Of course the reality is that online you’re never more than a few clicks away from as much anarchic, attention-grabbing art as you can handle. But in real life, that’s another story. Not only did the artist have TPI Solutions Ink digitally print four of his works as leave behinds for potential clients in the same square format he uses on his website, he designed an absolutely unignorable carrier to put them in.


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