Louie Awards Call for Entries Video

Like chocolate and peanut butter, there are few combinations better calculated to grab our attention than “Greeting Card Association” and “Awards.” After 75 years, the GCA knows a thing or two about paper magic; we could only imagine how fabulous the winners of its Louie Awards would be. Turns out we didn’t even get that far – their “Call for Entries” piece alone got us right between the eyes.

The minute this Stardream Copper Smooth envelope lands in your mailbox, you know you’re in for something special. I mean when was the last time you saw this level of engraving on an envelope? Opening it (gently), you find the piece that greets you is another rarity: a colorful invitation boasting fine-line accents and foil stamping that never seems overly showy. It feels like it’s inviting you to a mad tea party, and unfolding it takes you right down the rabbit hole.


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