Letterjazz New Year’s Card 2018 Video

One of my greatest joys is anticipating that Christmas-morning-sense of excitement our VIP members experience every time they receive our quarterly VIP Box.  I thought of this recently when I received this mailing from German printing company Letterjazz. Like any good direct mail piece it intrigued instantly due to the bulky nature of the envelope, and reminded me of why I love Letterjazz so much before I even opened it.

Just look at the distinctive saw-tooth edges on the label, printed with a custom-blended gray ink on 70 lb. Mohawk Strathmore Label paper. Turning it over we find another Strathmore label, this one perforated, making the opening of the cottony envelope feel like an event. But we’re not here simply to admire an envelope, uh uh.

Carefully tugging along the perforation you lift the flap and pow – your eyes are instantly overwhelmed by the moody juxtaposition of the black Sumo stock and hot foil stamped patterns. Removing it you discover that it is in fact a chunky, gorgeous “Happy New Year” card that is probably the best thing to happen in 2018 so far.

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