Iconic New York Illuminated Print Video

Many’s the time I’ve thought, ‘You know what New York City could use more of? Bling.’ Or maybe I haven’t thought that. Still, after seeing artist Rafael Esquer’s startling print “Iconic New York Illuminated,” perhaps I should’ve been thinking that all along. Comprised of more than 600 icons meant to evoke key aspects of the city, this piece is a riot of gorgeous detail. While admittedly a bit of a shock when seen from far away, close examination of this artwork is certain to leave even the most jaded art lover in awe. As the print’s Alfalfa New York page warns us: “Look for pizza-rat in the East Village, the Miracle on the Hudson, a diamond-garnished martini for only $10,000, and a few legally topless women wandering about. And around every corner, watch out for pedestrians, prams, poodles, and pretzels!”

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