Gardner Design Identity System Video

Way back in 1999, before the letterpress craze was in full swing, Gardner Design made the unique decision to create a stationery system in which all the typography was letterpress printed. Gardner had struck up a trade with a trusted local printer who had a full-service shop, including letterpresses, and the firm was eager to show off its knack for detail through its own communication materials.

“The trade situation seemed like a unique opportunity to turn our stationery system into a physical ‘proof’ of this attribute we strive to provide to our clients,” says Brian Miller, designer, art director and co-creative director of the project.


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  1. Paige Thomas 4 years ago

    Beautiful work. I am particularly fond of the grommet detail. I think this small element makes the piece even more dynamic because of the added dimension and tactile contrast it brings. Very engaging. I’m sure these pieces extend the typical attention span. We can’t forget about the power of touch. Job well done.

    + Paige |

    • Aaron Berman 4 years ago

      A very good point, Paige – thanks for sharing!

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