dVice4: From Sustenance to Sensation

With this latest issue, Digital Color Concepts once again takes us on an unforgettable journey. The fourth edition, the first to be produced completely by digital means on digital papers, explores the food culture of New York City. From taco trucks to the fine-dining rooms of haute cuisine, the talented creators (photographers, graphic designers and printers) tell the stories of food and people from every corner of the globe in sumptuous slices of life.

Untying the twine securing an outer wrapping of brown Kraft paper mounted to white butcher paper, I got quite a shock: printed images of raw pork and poultry. This revealed a chipboard sleeve that resembles an unbound hard cover case. The spine is wrapped with black linen tape; the front cover displays the DV4 logo made from white vinyl, which has been sliced into a pattern of julienned shards (this graphic element repeats throughout the printed pieces). The sleeve holds eight adventure-filled booklets.

There are too many wonderful elements in this package from papers (like Accent Opaque and Endurance) to formats and images to do them all justice, but we can say it offers creative inspiration at every turn, flip and unfold.


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