Dream of Paris Hand Soap Video

It’s a dirty business selling hand soap; competition is fierce. Rather than trying to woo you purely with exotic ingredients, Home and Body Co.’s soaps do double-duty as items of bathroom décor. That clear container of Dial might do the trick, after all, but wouldn’t you rather gaze at a bottle elegantly decorated with a Parisian motif instead? Home and Body thought so and, with the help of Digital Label Solutions, ooh-la-la’d four different hand soaps into their Dream of Paris Collection. Find out more about Dream of Paris Hand Soap.

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  1. Mary Fusco 4 years ago

    Really? Is this a joke? You think this is good design? Looks like a secretary with Word designed it. Yuck. While I might not love all the pieces you feature….I usually can appreciate the designers talent, technique and/or skill….but not in this case. Corporate money? What gives? Is it April 1?

    • Aaron Berman 4 years ago

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts Mary. We love the fact that they managed to create the see-through look on a water resistant label.

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