DataGraphic Moving Announcement

When the time arose for 82-year-old printing company DataGraphic to move to larger digs, they teamed with designers Claudia de Almeida and Margaret Swart of o Banquinho  to create a direct-mail piece that would help spread the word.

The subtle, fine blue-foil lines sprinkled throughout are just enough to capture your attention without distracting from the overall message. Paired with the Neenah Classic Crest Stipple finished cover and high-impact fluorescent palette, the piece has an incredible look and feel.


Find out more about DataGraphic Moving Announcement.

  1. Dominick 5 years ago

    I have personally worked with these guys in the past for very important
    special print projects and have never been disappointed. The owner has personally
    seen to my projects and can offer a tremendous amount of experience with paper, inks
    foils and their rich history in letterpress which is still killing it out there! I love this piece and
    to see it in person was really cool. They have done others that were even more spectacular
    and I would put this one in the top 3.

    Bravo Datagraphics!!!!!!

  2. Anthony 5 years ago

    I worked for DataGraphics as a project manager. I was involved in the nuts and bolts of complicated print projects. This organization has a refined quality controle protocol and a sharp eye for detail . Fine tuning the product every step of the way. DataGraphic is a probably one of the few shops around that can still produce high end artistic printed pieces upon many different paper substrates. Congratulations on your business expansion !

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