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You can’t flip a circle of pizza dough these days without hitting someone or something related to cooking: cooking shows on television, on YouTube, social media, it’s everywhere. Everywhere, that is, except on the bookshelves of 2- to 4-years-olds. At least that was the case before Lotta Nieminen’s Cook in a Book series of board books from Phaidon began coming out in 2016. Now, with the help of cleverly designed paper tabs and dials, toddlers and preschoolers can “prepare meals” right along with mom or dad safely and easily.

In recent years we’ve been spoiled by increasingly intricate pop-up books such as Kelli Anderson’s 3D masterpieces – this is something different. The volumes in this series – “Pancakes,” “Tacos” and “Pizza” – use lift-up flaps, pull tabs, wheels and punch-out pieces as interactive elements just perfect for little hands. What makes this so unique is the clever way in which these seemingly simple paper creations are brought to life by careful planning.

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