Archival Revival Video

One surefire way to get clients excited about print? Round them up, ply them with generous lashings of whiskey, and parade before their eyes eccentric postcards and other paper promotions from yesteryear. That’s what Clampitt Paper did last August with its “Archival Revival” event, and Swoon, The Studio did them proud with appropriately idiosyncratic invitations and postcards.

The highlights of this “paper archival event” included historical documents from the revered Strathmore Archives, that treasure trove of late 19th/ early 20th century Americana produced by New England’s Strathmore Paper company. Mohawk Fine Papers acquired the Strathmore brand in 2005, and since discovering a vast collection of vintage Strathmore pieces in 2013, has gone to great lengths to ensure that designers can view select pieces from that wonderful archive.


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