‘Anatomy of a Greeting’ Holiday Card Video

When it came to wishing clients seasons greetings, design studio Fuszion made their list and checked it twice: no Santas, no fir trees, no snowflakes. Instead, they wanted their holiday card to be something that was handcrafted, elegant, and a treat for the fingertips. That meant two things that make every designer’s heart beat just a little bit faster: nice typography and letterpress printing.

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  1. Larry Edwards 4 years ago

    This was genius. There is no doubt they will really get noticed for this. How clever to send out a holiday card and promote their company at the same time.

    We have one of the best letterpress printing companies in the country. This is the most beautiful shop I have ever seen. They use a lot of Cranes 100% cotton. They emboss, die-cut, score, fold, engrave and foil stamp.

    Let me know if you can spare any samples of this piece.

    I would like to find a way to get you out to Denver to deliver a symposium to the Denver market. I think they would be fascinated and I also think you could do business in Denver to expand your market.

    You such a genius!

    • Aaron Berman 4 years ago

      It is a wonderful little piece, isn’t it 🙂 Unfortunately I don’t have any samples to give away, but by all means please feel free to drop a line to the studio that made it at hello(at)fuszion.com. And watch that auto correct 😉 And I’d love to stop in to see your setup the next time my travels take me to the Mile-High City! -Sabine (hijacking Aaron’s account 😉

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