Smyth, singer, screw, stab, stitch … There are so many creative binding options available today and we would not want you to settle for saddle when screws would be a much better fit.

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Printing binding options example picture depicting the differences

The way a brochure is bound together is literally the finishing touch. The proverbial icing on the printing cake.

But binding options can be confusing even for the more experienced pros.
Our free Printing Binding Options Cheat Sheet is a quick-reference guide that will show you at a glance:
  • 12 of the most-used printing binding methods
  • How many pages you can bind with each technique
  • What these 12 binding methods look like
  • What you can expect to pay for one printing binding option over another

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To help designers and project managers sort through the many printing binding options offered by printers and finishers, PaperSpecs is offering a free quick reference guide. A cheat sheet if you will.

We’ve spent months researching and consulting with printing binding experts to produce this at-a-glance guide. It’s designed to give you new ideas, clear up confusing terminology, prevent costly miscommunication, and save you precious time and money.


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