Updated Polyart Line

Arjobex was at drupa this month showing off its synthetic paper offering – Polyart – with more options than you may remember.

A Polyart Digital can now be used for short, customized and just-in-time runs. Polyart Digital is HP Indigo certified on all series including the new 5600 and includes weights of 72, 124, 154, 224 and 274 gsm.

Polyart synthetic papers have also enhanced the creative appeal with a range of iridescent coatings that comes in a set of opalescent shades (gold, blue and green). This adds an interesting sheen. Polyart Iridescent comes in special grades for IML, Wet Glue and Self-adhesive as well.

As a special offer for PaperSpecs Pro members, please log in and select “Mill Swatchbooks” to request the Polyart swatchbook.


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