‘The Great Wave’ Could Be Yours!

Summer VIP Box

Though we are proud of each and every print item we hand-select for our quarterly VIP Box, the exquisite “Great Wave” Sample Book from FreeFall Laser that you’ll find in our latest box is the first hand-made art piece we’ve featured, and it’s a stunner.

Roughly the size of a business card, this demonstration of FreeFall’s laser-cutting and laser-engraving abilities feels less like a promotion and more a personal treasure. It features a variety of materials – from paper, wood and acrylic to fabric and leather – each expertly cut and hand-layered together by FreeFall’s Sarah Pike. And it’s just ONE of the intriguing print pieces you will find in our Summer VIP Box!

Hurry, your chance to start your membership with the Summer VIP Box (including “The Great Wave”) is almost gone!


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