Test-driving Adobe's Tools

adobeWhile Adobe has understandably spent the last couple of weeks trying to assuage fears that every hacker has its customers’ bank details, Lee Bell at The Inquirer brings us some more upbeat Adobe news. Mainly, a first-hand account of the handling of the company’s forthcoming digital drawing tools: Mighty and Napoleon.

Designed to be used with proprietary apps on an iPad, the stylus and ruler are linked to a user’s Creative Cloud account, and designed to make it easier for creatives to sketch out ideas on an iPad rather than paper.

Clearly we are paper boosters first and foremost, but only a true buggy-whip salesman would deny that this is where pre-press creativity is heading. As the Adobe rep quoted in the piece observes, “A creative professional spends eight or 10 hours a day on Photoshop or Illustrator, and the only time they leave the application is to go to the bathroom, or to think.”

Uggh, that sounds so depressing…but true.


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