Seeing the Forest for the Trees

West Linn recently released its current sustainability report, which is an accounting of the company’s efforts to produce their products in a more sustainable way.

The maker of web papers hopes that the information contained in “Seeing the Forest for the Trees” will help its customers become better informed about how their paper purchasing decisions can be good choices for the environment.

Last year, West Linn reached its 2012 goals for water and greenhouse gas emissions reductions and achieved annual reductions in our fossil fuel, natural gas and electricity consumption.

“We offer product lines with certification 
that protects old growth and rainforest 
timber, wildlife habitat and the native human population living in or near forestland. We also monitor all of our fiber suppliers to ensure they comply with environmentally and socially responsible forest management practices,” said Brian Konen, chief operating officer at West Linn.

To request your copy of “Seeing the Forest for the Trees,” please email [email protected].


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