Revolution in a Cabinet

NeenahRevolutionizeWe saw this great Neenah Paper promo piece at the HOW Conference recently called “Revolutionize the way you work with paper.”

Inside the iron cross style folder is an accordion folded brochure that contains an introduction to Cabinet (Neenah’s new application for finding, designing, specing, proofing and sourcing its paper).

Along with this business side of the promotion, you get a creative treat too. In this case, it was eight cards depicting designer archetypes like the Lone Wolf (no one works better solo) and the Inside Player (the one who knows what’s hip, hot and happening).

The cards deliver the marketing message (no matter what type of designer you are, Cabinet will work for you) with the subtle tongue-in-cheek style that we like.

If you’re a PaperSpecs Pro member and you’d like to receive this promo, please log in and select “Revolutionize the way you work with paper.”


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