Dateless Calendar

calendar_125It’s been a nice little Christmas break for those of us fortunate enough to have one. If anything, we’ve had time to ponder why we get so stressed out the rest of the year – it’s our far-too-crammed calendars. How can you be expected to maintain a calm heart rate on Jan. 1st when you can look up at your calendar to see the maelstrom of projects due on Jan. 6th?

This is why that, come 2014, we will be avoiding all other calendars in favor of a series of 12 Perpetual Calendar posters by Russian artist Arina Pozdnyak.

Start your year off with the January poster and feel that stress melt away. Isn’t there a staff meeting this week….Hmmm, no dates. Ahhhhhhh. I could’ve sworn the client was coming around this month. (Glance up…) Oh that’s nice. What was I thinking about just now? Doesn’t matter.

Sure, this poster series won’t do much for your productivity, but then again productivity isn’t everything, now is it?




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