Promos of the Week

As we continue to page through the most recent paper mill promos with a twinkle in our admiring eye we tackle a pair of lovely ones from Domtar. Before we go any further, remember that PaperSpecs PRO members can request the absolute latest promos and swatchbooks free of charge (including the ones below), all from our website. Just one of the perks of being a PRO member. (Not a member? Why not begin your PRO membership today?)

Share on Cougar promo (Domtar)

The final promotion in a four-part series, Share On Cougar exhibits the best work printed on Cougar paper and explores how sharing brings people together.

Share on Cougar Domtar promo


On Press with Lynx promo (Domtar)

Printed using 4 color process inks and dot for dot satin varnish, this Lynx Opaque Ultra promo takes a look at the craftsmanship, service, and dedication behind the scenes of every great printed piece.

on press with lynx domtar promo


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