Must Have: Color-Logic DVD Sleeve

colorlogic1Quite frankly we weren’t sure what to expect when we opened this package from Color-Logic. “Special Effects for Print” it declared, which seemed a great deal to live up to. Inside, some perfectly decent slick sheets about their product range….and then we found the DVD Sleeve.

Our first impression of the cover – a stylized eyeball set against a golden metallic tunnel backdrop – was “This must be what The Doctor sees whizzing through space and time” on “Dr. Who”; the words “Eye Candy” at the center were completely unnecessary. The back of the sleeve had a subtler overall look, which made the different colored, dime-size icons really pop in contrast ­– metallic green here, orange there, and oh my, that purple!

colorlogic2cTurns out the sleeve was produced using the Color-Logic Metallic Color System. This consists of:

  • Design Suite plug-ins for Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop that craft those special effects based on
  • Color Charts, created on your printer’s own press, perfectly calibrated to the substrate you’re using, as well as to the inks, coatings and press settings.
  • FX-Viewer, a PDF-visualization tool that actually lets you see on screen what the effects you’ve created in Design Suite will look like before the presses roll.

This was the system used to print the sleeve on Mirri Pak metallic substrate with five inks – white ink plus CMYK with a flood coating and no special finishing techniques (all the effects were done at the design stage) ­– using an HP Indigo press.

In retrospect, it’s probably a good thing that they didn’t send us the “Goodies DVD” the sleeve was meant to enclose. With more than 70 files and images demonstrating what can be done with this process, we probably would’ve spent all day drooling over it.

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