A Print Ad Wired for Color

phone_125Isn’t it amazing how little touches we take for granted in the digital world become landmark events in print? Take the adventurous Wired magazine ad that agency Digitas came up with for Motorola’s Moto X phone. Using a Plexiglas-like material, LEDs and four lithium batteries, the full-page ad features an image of the new phone that changes color when you press one of 11 flat buttons (e.g., the phone turns blue if you touch the blue button).

In all, about 150,00 readers in Chicago and New York will find this ad in their copies of the January issue.

Designed to emphasize the wide range of colors in which the Moto X is available, the print ad does this simply and effectively. Strangely, the main Moto X webpage doesn’t even highlight the different case colors at all, concentrating instead on the fact that it’s assembled in the U.S., it responds to voice commands, and it fits comfortably in your hand.


All of which makes us wish we could get a peek at the Moto X market research. Does it reveal that readers of print publications are more interested and swayed by color than the more digitally oriented?





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