Letterpress Maps of Your City

map_125A good map can show you how to get where you want to go. A great map forces you to see the area represented in a whole new way. Archie Archambault’s (mostly) circular maps rely on lines, circles and type to give you a clean, straight-to-the-point view of 1o major American cities, and Amsterdam. (For the record, those are: Washington DC, Atlanta, New Orleans, Austin, Manhattan, Brooklyn, San Francisco, Boston, Seattle, and his own Portland, Oregon.)

Archambault, a philosophy major who caught the mapping bug shortly after leaving college in 2009, prints his maps on kraft chipboard in several ink colors (blue, black, brown, red, green, orange) using a 19th century letterpress.

His goal, as he explained it to Slate, is “always the same: to understand and explain the city in the clearest, most concise, clear, simple way possible.”




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