How a Simple Design Can Save a Life

bone_marrow1There’s something clever, simple and admirable about one of the winners of D&AD’s 2013 White Pencil Awards: the “Help! I’ve Cut Myself and I Want to Save a Life” kit. Developed by creative agency Droga5 for client Help Remedies, the kits transform a simple box of bandages into hope for those facing devastating diseases.

Dreamt up by Droga5’s Graham Douglas after his twin brother’s life was saved by an unknown bone-marrow donor, the kits contain cotton swabs, 16 bandages in two sizes, and a pre-paid envelope. The next time you cut yourself, simply dab a bit of your blood on a swab, drop the swab in the envelope, and off it goes to Delete Blood Cancer DKMS – the largest bone-marrow-donor center in the world. And oh yes, feel free to use the bandages to patch yourself up afterward.




On sale worldwide (you can pick them up at CVS or Walgreen’s for $4), the kits have nearly tripled the number of bone-marrow-donor registrations. Though the package design may not be anything to write home about, the whole project is a compelling example of how one good packaging idea can change the world for the better.


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